Back Detox Treatment

The Back Detox Treatment focuses on the upper and lower back region, facilitating drainage of lymphoedema (on the back and spine), improving joint and muscular mobility.

The detoxification process starts with a relaxing herbal steam treatment to soothe aches and pains, alleviate swelling, fluid retention and muscular tension.

The next stage of the treatment is the brushing therapy. It is designed to eliminate soft tissue metabolic toxicity and improve sluggish circulation.

The final stage of the treatment is a therapeutic massage designed to alleviate musculoskeletal trauma, connective tissue inflammation, ligament stress, and toxic blockages induced by nervous tension.
The stimulating action of the massage therapy leads to an easing of muscular stress and activates the healing processes of muscular tissue.

Only Herbario products are used in the Back Detox Treatment, further enhancing the elimination of toxins and healthy cellular function.
All ingredients in Herbario products are sourced from Australia and are made with 100% organic plants of medicinal grade.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$180.00

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