Leg Detox Treatment

Tired, swollen legs?

This treatment is a leg-toning and rejuvenation therapy for very busy legs. Common causes of tired, swollen legs are; prolonged standing or sitting, post flight syndrome, poor circulation and inflammation from excessive sporting activity.

The detoxification process starts with a relaxing herbal steam treatment to soothe aches and pains, alleviate swelling, fluid retention and tense knotted muscles.

The next stage of the treatment is the brushing therapy. It is designed to eliminate metabolic toxicity of the leg and improve sluggish circulation.

The final stage of the treatment is a therapeutic massage. Skilled & experienced hands work the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the legs. It is designed to control fluid balance, stabilise neurovascular reflexes, and alleviate reoccurring cramps & muscle spasms.

The leg detox treatment will leave you with a feeling of lightness, vigour and relaxation!

Only Herbario products are used in the Leg Detox Treatment, further enhancing the elimination of toxins and healthy cellular function.
All ingredients in Herbario products are sourced from Australia and are made with 100% organic plants of medicinal grade.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$180.00

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