Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Detox Treatment

This treatment is designed to relieve nagging muscular tension, postural fatigue and elliminate connective tissue congestion.
The detoxification process starts with a blissful hot herbal steam treatment to melt away fatigue, tenderness and fluid retention of cervical, shoulder, upper and mid thoracic muscles.

The second stage of the treatment is the lymphatic brushing therapy. It is designed to improve sluggish circulation, lymphatic stagnation and muscular tension.

The final stage of the treatment is a therapeutic massage designed to improve flexibility and alleviate restricted soft tissue and ligaments, relieves spinal tension & soreness of neck & shoulder muscles. The treatment also releases toxicity induced by nervous tension and impaired circulation, improving musculoskeletal function musculoskeletal function, and reduces connective tissue inflammation.

Give your neck, shoulders & upper back relief from the stress of everyday life!

Only Herbario products are used in the Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Detox Treatment, to further enhance the elimination of toxic inflammation and healthy cellular function.
All ingredients in Herbario products are sourced from Australia and are made with 100% organic plants of medicinal grade.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$180.00

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