Cellulite Detox Treatment

The Cellulite Detoxification Treatment focuses on adipose tissue and targets toxic stagnation. It improves circulation, drains metabolic toxicity and sluggish lymphatic function.

The detoxification process starts with the herbal steam treatment to activate circulation, lymphatic drainage and soften fibrotic tissue accumulation.

The next stage of the treatment is the deep tissue brushing therapy, designed to work on fatty tissue deposits, promoting the reduction of tissue adiposity.

The final stage of the treatment is the therapeutic massage, designed to complete the detoxification process. It works on tissue inflammation, restricted circulation, and reduction of toxic cellular accumulation.

Only Herbario products are used in the Cellulite Detox Treatment, to further enhance the elimination of toxins and healthy dermal function.
All ingredients in Herbario products are sourced from Australia and are made with 100% organic plants of medicinal grade.

In line with our principles, we only use medicinal grade organic herbs for our internal therapies and treatments.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$180.00

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