Face Detox Treatment

Herbario's Face Detox Treatment is the first ever methodology to integrate dermal detoxification and deep hygiene of facial structure, to stimulate its physiological function and recover its immune vitality.

It is a 90 minute treatment that works to:

  • Eliminate the toxic load of the skin
  • Removes ingrained make-up concealed in deep tissue, and reduces open pore formation
  • Detoxify lymphatic congestion of the face and neck
  • Balance overactive or under active micro-circulation
  • Reduces dermal irritation, inflammation and sensitivity
  • Optimise the function of 77 muscles located in the face and neck
  • Eliminate TMJ (temporal mandibular jaw) dysfunction
  • Restores the dermal protective barrier, its immune function and dermal integrity

The treatment stimulates dermal metabolic functions and activates the skins physiological processes, rather than suppressing them - it treats the cause, not just the symptoms.

Herbario's Face Detox Treatment was created in 1988, and has since captivated the attention of a perceptive audience for being the first facial treatment to integrate complementary medicine principles, botanical medicine and natural dermal detoxification therapy.

Valli’s innovative concept has evolved throughout three decades of clinical experience in natural medicine. Herbario's methodology is at the forefront of holistic skin care and dermal detoxification therapies - a unique approach to natural dermatology and aesthetic wellness.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$300.00
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In order to maximise the therapeutic effectiveness of this treatment, the products used are made of nothing but premium quality organic herbs.

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