Welcome to Herbario

Vito Cozza and Valli Shubere founded Herbario in 1977. Their vast experience and enthusiasm continues to direct the Clinic’s development with their Italian passion for quality, brought to life in every product and service they present.

Herbario’s flagship store is located in Melbourne’s cosmopolitan Chapel Street. This holistic health boutique is renowned for its signature herbal remedies, nutritional therapies, exclusive skincare remedies, and face & body treatments.

At Herbario, we integrate inner health and outer beauty. Herbario products and treatments are conceived by fusing botanical and nutritional science with holistic therapies. Herbario produces an exclusive range of herbal remedies and treatments that have an international cult following.

Valli Shubere

  • Dip Nutr Med, ATMS
  • Holistic Medicine Nutritionist, Face & Body Detox Therapist
  • Founder of Herbario Clinic & DERMAherbals Skincare Remedies
  • Creator of Herbario Face & Body Detox Treatments, Creator of Herbario Daily Hygiene System

Valli has pioneered a holistic healthcare model through more than 26 years of clinic practice in nutritional medicine. Her work promotes functional healthy body and skin through a range of nutritional and detoxification programs, and breakthrough skincare treatments.

Vito Cozza

  • Dip Bot Med NIBM Australia, Dip Phyto Uni Urbino Italy, NHAA
  • Herbalist, Phyto-Aroma Therapist, Herbal Craft Master
  • Founder of Herbario Clinic & DERMAherbals Skincare Remedies

Since 1977, Vito has practiced botanical medicine in the clinical and industrial sectors, and in the internationally renowned Italian thermal springs.

Through his 37 years of knowledge and experience in clinical practice and herbal craftsmanship, Vito has developed a comprehensive range of botanical preparations for inner health, organic skincare, and face & body treatments.