Herbario Natural Therapies Clinic

Herbario is...

  • The house of traditional European herbal medicine
  • Melbourne’s holistic skincare clinic
  • An urban retreat
  • An integrated network of healing procedures
  • A vision for healthy living

Herbario offers

Signature herbal products
Herbal apothecary compounds
Internal and topical skincare

Personalised Healthcare

Nutritional Assessments
Maintenance Diets
Detoxification Programs
Cellulite Nutritional Management

Holistic Face & Body Treatments

Face Detox Treatments
Cellulite Detox Treatment
Skin and Body Detox Treatments

Herbario Herbal Remedies

DERMAherbals™ holistic skincare
Mother and baby care
Body and hair care
Teas for health and pleasure

Herbario - Your natural link to health, beauty & wellbeing!

21st-century holistic health
Herbario’s ongoing success is generated by a heritage of experience and a vision for 21st-century healthy living and learning.

The House of Traditional European Herbal Medicine

Herbario Clinic is renowned for its phyto-therapeutic compounds which are available over the counter, for both internal and external use. High-grade herbs grown in Australian organic soils are formulated and blended by herbalist Vito Cozza’s expert hands.

Herbario's heritage is a legacy of knowledge, experience and practice in traditional European Botanical Medicine and natural therapies, dating back three decades.

Herbario’s Apothecary Compounds

Vito channels his wealth of talent and experience into the creation of Herbario’s exclusive herbal preparations. The dispensing therapist will help you with your needs by prescribing the appropriate herbal remedy.

Herbario Dispensary

The dispensary offers a vast range of:

  • Dry herbs and fluid extracts
  • Herbal tablets
  • Herbal and essential oils
  • Nutritional supplements

Some of Herbario’s most popular formulations from the dispensary:

  • Skin Detox Extract
  • Liver, Colon, Kidney and Acid Detox Tisanes
  • Hormonal Balance Herbal Extract
  • Candida, Parasite Detox Tisanes
  • Sinuses Detox Extract
  • Immune Support Extract
  • Herbario Digestive Bitter
  • Sore Throat Extract... and many more.

Holistic Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine aims to understand how nutrients affect health by altering the expression and function of an individual’s genetic make-up.

Herbario Nutritional Assessment

Our nutritional assessments provide you with valuable insight into your health status. It highlights connections between your diet and wellbeing. Appropriate dietary choices can provide vital help in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
Inappropriate dietary choices can lead to serious risk factors giving rise to
a variety of metabolic dysfunctions.

Herbario's Exclusive Treatments

Our organic treatments are designed to facilitate dermal detoxification, reducing the destructive oxidative conditions of dermal fatigue syndrome. Herbario treatments go beyond appearance enhancement.

The Herbario Breakthrough - A New Skincare Approach

In natural medicine, beauty is inseparable from health and hygiene - Herbario's approach is embedded in this philosophy.
Valli Shubere has developed a blueprint for a new model of spa services with the Herbario diagnostic and treatment approach. These world first face and body treatments are based on 4 core principles:

  • Holistic skin diagnosis
  • Holistic deep tissue hygiene
  • Organic detoxification
  • Herbario digital technique

By integrating these four dynamics, Valli addresses dermal health care by delivering stress free skin, rehabilitating its immune vitality and laying a foundation for the restoration of its function, health, and wellness.