Personalised Healthcare

Valli Shubere DIP NUTR MED, ATMS

Valli specialises in

  • Fertility– Pre-gestation, Pregnancy, Lactation
  • Paediatric
  • Maternal and Infant nutrition
  • Pre– and post–menopausal syndromes
  • Post–antibiotic therapy
  • Candida–Parasite–Fungal therapy
  • Fluctuating energy & poor immune response
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Cellulite Detox


To develop your individual nutritional requirements, Valli Shubere uses the principles and techniques encapsulated in these three domains

  • Holistic Diagnosis
  • Nutritional Hygiene
  • Detoxification Programs

Integrating Nutritional Hygiene and Detoxification into everyday life is a major step towards optimal health and physiological functioning.
For over two decades, the Herbario Preventative Holistic Health Care Model has been the base of Valli’s practice. With her experience and knowledge of vital health issues, Valli has devised a three-step program.

Step 1

The Herbario Method – Herbario Nutritional Assessments

At your first consultation, Valli spends 60 minutes fully assessing your health profile in order to:

  • Identify the mechanisms of your genetic and constitutional metabolic profile.
  • Determine dietary and lifestyle.
  • Plan ways to prevent, resolve or mitigate chronic metabolic dysfunction.
  • Create a personalised therapeutic program that utilises herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.
  • Promote health outcomes relevant to your continued growth and well being.

Herbario's Holistic Diagnosis and Therapy Options

Herbario's diagnostic questionnaire covers your current problems, personal circumstances, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, present and past medical history, paediatric development, emotional and mental stress factors, and a complete nutritional/dietary assessment. If required, a personalised therapeutic dietary program can be planned at a subsequent consultation.

Step 2

At the second consultation, Valli assesses your improvement and, where needed, adjusts the components of the treatment.

Step 3

On your third visit, Valli plans a maintenance program for you to continue with.

Follow-up visits every six months allow Valli to monitor your progress, and to refine ways in which you can achieve your personal best.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation that comprises of an extensive health assessment.
Duration: up to 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$330.00
For each additional 15 minutes
Cost: AUD$55.00

Follow-up consultations

30-minute consultation
Cost: AUD$110.00
For each additional 15 minutes
Cost: AUD$55.00

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