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Is your lifestyle stressing you? Need an inner cleanse? Discover Herbario's natural detoxification programs to help you recover from the collective symptoms of a toxic body and mind.

Our clinical detoxification programs are designed to eliminate stress from the inside out. Holistic health consultants will provide you with customised dietary, nutritional and botanical formulations, plus body treatments for the elimination of organic & environmental metabolic pollutants. Herbario detoxifications programs are also designed to release mental & physical stress. Dysfunctional digestion, and, incomplete undigested food is responsible for the build-up of metabolic waste, also known as “toxic syndrome” of the Gastrointestinal, Neurological and Respiratory systems, depriving you of health, function & wellness.

Toxic syndrome can be treated by Herbario’s integrated network of natural healing programs, based on holistic biological principles. Significant health improvement can be achieved by eliminating toxicity from the physiology of stomach, bowel, liver, kidney, lungs, skin and reproductive organs.

The programs include:

  • clinical & nutritional assessment
  • personalised detoxification based on results of clinical assessment includes nutritional and botanical medicine therapy
  • phase 1 diet: detoxification modalities
  • in clinic body treatments to increase blood and lymph flow, and to drain waste product from your system to enhance the detoxification process


  • phase 2 diet: how to maintain health post detox - learn strategies for nutritional hygiene & healthy living... how to achive this

Great consideration is taken with every element of our clinical detoxification programs. The products used for internal and external therapies are made with plants of medicinal quality. The methodology is organic and holistic. This is the soul of Herbario’s ethos.

Preventive Model-health benefits

Our detoxification programs are conducted with clinical experience in order to:

  • maintain health
  • prevent allergic disorders
  • eliminate invasive bacteria
  • recover for illness
  • provide nutritional hygiene education for health and wellness

Herbario’s preventive health model analyses your clinical health from a holistic profile, in order to target the areas you are neglecting, providing a base line for supporting functional health in daily life performance.

Effective vs. ineffective detoxification

The range of symptoms connected to toxic exposure and/or defective detoxification are multiple. Defective detoxification brings only temporary relief and partial or very superficial results, with the same old symptoms reappearing soon after. This is a common event, particularly when there is no post-detoxification maintenance prescribed. Our phase 2 diet is designed to retain & maintain health after your detox therapy.

Herbario’s effective detoxification remedies and programs are based on years of clinical evidence, and are more than just ‘cosmetic’, ‘natural’, “alternative”, “complementary” or fixated on ‘anti-aging’ claims.

Effective detoxification involves adjusting the balance between the elimination of toxins, whilst avoiding negative reactive responses, cellular & gastric flora depletion, demineralisation, ketosis, oxidation and adrenal exhaustion. Herbario detoxification programs are central to our philosophy, and are a basic requirement for the preservation of physiological performance.

Herbario's Detox Programs: