Winter Detox Program

  • Feeling sluggish and overweight?
  • Do you suffer from regular bacterial or viral infections?
  • Is your immune system not functioning as well as it used to?
  • Feel tired? Have little energy to last to the end of the day?

Will your body cope with the long winter months ahead?
This is when you need a vigorous winter detox to improve your overall state of health, and to prepare your body for winter.

Herbario's Winter Detox Program incorporates:

  • a holistic health assessment (up to 90min)
  • a dietary hygiene program, to boost the elimination of toxins (15-30+ days or as required)
  • Three Body Detox Treatments, to stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and regenerate vitality

The Winter Detox therapy regenerates the immune system, recharges your adrenals and re-activates cellular function, promoting mental and physiological health.

In line with our principles, we only use medicinal grade organic herbs for our internal therapies and treatments.

Cost: AUD$998.00 (remedies/supplements not included)
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