Face & Body Stress Detox

Think of the skin as a mirror reflecting how stressed you are, and unfortunately displaying it to the world. Finding strategies to detox from the side effects of stress is essential for reducing the severity of the aging process.
Herbario’s effective detoxification strategies can radically improve compromised skin appearance, promote dermal health, reduce tension and get back to looking your confident, glowing best.

The Face & Body Stress Detox program is specifically designed for inner & outer cleansing. Inner health and outer appearance are intrinsically connected. When the body is stressed by toxic overload, the skin reveals its inner imbalances through outer manifestations.

The Face & Body Stress Detox program will remove unwanted layers of cellular debris, soothe irritability, reverse skin damage and flush out ingrained cosmetic chemicals from facial clogged pores.

The programs includes:

  • Face diagnostic consultation (up to 15min)
  • Daily Hygiene System one on one workshop (up to 20min)
  • 2 Face Cleansing Treatment + Purifying Mask
  • 2 Body Detox Treatments

With this program you will:

  • Learn to maintain the health of your skin with Herbario’s Face Hygiene System
  • Achieve your skin’s full potential with our Face Cleansing Treatment + Purifying Mask
  • Detoxify and recover from metabolic stress and revitalise your body with the Body Detox Treatment

In line with our principles, we only use medicinal grade organic herbs for our internal therapies and treatments.

Cost: AUD$1000.00 (remedies/supplements and skin care not included)
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