7 Day – Skin Detox & Repair Program

Is your skin showing signs of fatigue and lack of vitality?

Do you have a special event coming up? ..a wedding? ..a holiday? ..a photo shoot? ..and you wish to look your sparkling best? Do not panic! Our 7 Day Skin Detox Program will come to the rescue!

At Herbario we integrate botanical & nutritional medicine with holistic face & body treatments to support your body's inner & outer detoxification processes.

Hebario's 7 Day Detox Skin Detox & Repair Program incorporates:

  • a holistic health & skin assessment
  • 7 day dietary hygiene program to support specific organs of detoxification, skin included
  • a Face Detox Treatment, and a Body Detox Treatment for deep tissue hygiene, skin vitality & repair

The program is designed to focus on your specific needs, and to deliver a fresh clean complexion - ready to take centre stage!

In line with our principles, we only use medicinal grade organic herbs for our internal therapies and treatments.

Duration: 7 days
Cost: AUD$540.00 (remedies not included)
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