Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Herbario’s facials so different?

Instead of using a parade of chemically enhanced cosmetics, Herbario uses nothing but its own DERMAherbals products for the Face D.Tox Treatment. The Face D.Tox Treatment addresses more then just the skin surface - it activates the skin healing processes, rather then suppressing them. It also works on 77 muscles of the face and neck, offloads toxins trapped in the dermal layers, decongests lymphatic stagnation and related dermal disorders. The treatment delivers stress free, healthy skin.

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Will I breakout after a facial?

Brides often have a Face D.Tox Treatment on the day of the wedding for a heavenly glow. In rare cases, a breakout can occur 24-48 hours after a treatment if there has been a considerable amount of toxins released.

How do I treat delicate/sensitive skin?

To reduce inflammation, irritation and redness, Valli Shubere recommends the Daily Hygiene Therapy morning and night using the Antioxidant Delicate Skin Cleansing Oil.

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How can I treat acne?

Valli Shubere has been treating acne for more than 20 years. For optimal results, use the Impure Skin Daily Hygiene Therapy. Used morning and night, the Impure Skin regime calms and reduces the appearance of scarring and blemished skin.

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With my monthly period comes a monthly pimple. How can I treat it?

Treat the occasional unexpected blemish with Herbario’s Skin Rescue Paint as soon as the symptoms appear.