Detoxification Model Remedies

D.Tox Steam Treatment imageD.Tox Steam Treatment

Blemished, Impure Skin

Designed to heal impure and blemished complexions.

20ml AUD$50.00

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D.Tox Extract imageD.Tox Extract

Oily, Blemished Skin

Eliminates toxins and bacteria from the skin.

50ml AUD$37.00

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Mask Powder imageMask Powder

All Skin Types

Mix with the D.Tox Mask Extract to improve skin texture and appearance.

60g AUD$73.00

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Mask Powder imageD.Tox Mask Extract

Acne, Blemished, Impure Skin

Works in synergy with the Mask Powder to channel plant nutrients into the dermal layers.

50ml AUD$31.00

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