Herbario Face Treatments

Herbario face treatments work with the creative synergy of holistic practices enriched by the tenet of traditional herbal medicine, and an accomplished craftsmanship inherited from a culture of European natural medicine and over 35 years of clinic experience.

Herbario face treatments are proactive facial workouts developed to promote dermal hygiene and to reverse the signs of aging. Herbario’s dermal hygiene procedure re-energises the skins immune function by releasing facial stress and flushing out toxicity.

Why you need to detoxify your face from toxicity and facial stress

In order to sustain healthy skin function, your face, much like the rest of your body, requires regular detoxification in order to eliminate environmental pollutants, airborne bacteria, metabolic toxins and daily stress trapped within its layers. This is Herbario’s fundamental approach towards dermal hygiene, skin health and wellness.

Why does facial stress and toxicity accelerate the signs of aging?

Facial stress is the primary cause responsible for tissue degeneration, skin toxicity and loss of vitality. The long term side effect of facial stress is accelerated aging skin.
Toxic waste stored in the intracellular fluid invades the connective tissue and the lymphatic system, by infiltrating the dermal layers. This ageing process congests the skin by swelling parts of the face, distorting its original contours and its natural appearance.
As this condition progressively deteriorates, it can create subcutaneous inflammation, sensitivity, and dermal irritation. Inevitably, pathogenic activity follows, compromising the integrity of the facial system and giving rise to loss of dermal immunity. At this stage, varying blemishes, pigmentation and skin inesthetisms will appear on the face.
Herbario's face detox treatments achieve and maintain healthy dermal metabolic functions, and prevent ageing caused by facial stress and toxicity.

The Herbario Hygiene & Detoxification Methodology – a new skincare approach

Herbario founder Valli Shubere has created Herbario's signature treatments for effective dermal hygiene and detoxification. Her ground breaking concept has evolved throughout three decades of clinical experience. The Herbario model is at the forefront of complementary holistic skin care.

Herbario treatments eliminate the accumulation of dermal toxic waste trapped in the dermal layers, leading to the rejuvenation of facial tissue. This process reverses the imbalance of cellular activity and the restrictions of facial connective tissue.
Herbario's digital techniques will erase years of facial fatigue, re-establish natural facial contours and eliminate toxic pollution affecting your complexion.

Emotional stress and long term anxiety often develops into increased muscular contraction. Prolonged muscular contraction reduces peripheral circulation, accelerating the signs of ageing.

The stimulating action of the treatments enhances collagen production, increases the flow of oxygen in devitalised tissue, and strengthens sluggish muscle tone.

Herbario's holistic diagnosis and treatments eliminate dermal acidity and inflammation, whilst relieving congested facial tissue in need of deep hygiene.

Valli developed Herbario's face treatments based on four principles:

  1. Holistic skin diagnosis
  2. Holistic deep tissue hygiene
  3. Application of our powerful plant based skin care
  4. Herbario’s signature massage technique

By integrating these four principles, Valli delivers dermal health care, dermal metabolic function and aesthetic.

Herbario's face treatments are exclusive to its clinic in Prahran:

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