Face Cleansing Treatment + Purifying Mask

The healing herbals used in the treatment will leave your skin revitalised, allowing it to regain its former glow. The Face Cleansing Treatment & Purifying Mask is designed to maximise the hygiene of the face - it's our first line approach for the prevention of dryness, oxidation and premature ageing.

You can choose from the below masks, or your therapist will advise which mask application is best suited for your skin:

  • Probiotic Mask - for bacterial, fungal, and acneic conditions
  • Healing Mask - for damaged skin conditions
  • Anti-Inflammatory Mask - for congested & sensitive skin conditions
  • Rejuvenating Mask - revitalising, antioxidant, anti-aging

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: AUD$290.00

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