Valli’s Signature Treatment

For those in need to relieve frequent facial tension and negative expression lines imbedded in the face, Valli’s magic treatment (as described by some of her clients) will bring a renewed flow of energy to tired, depressed looking skin, and restore the face’s natural contours.

Valli’s innovative insight has given life to one of the most unique, result driven, alternative face treatments in her field.

This signature treatment addresses a range of dermal conditions attributed to facial stress, exposure to environmental pollution and metabolic toxicity. The detoxification modality of Valli’s technique greatly improves damaged complexion and restores its natural appearance. This rejuvenating and anti-aging treatment reduces pigmentation and oxidation, attenuates expression lines while restoring glowing vitality to tired congested skin.

The treatment integrates Herbario's own powerful botanical skin care, crafted through the wisdom of traditional European herbal medicine and decades of clinic experience. The duration of this treatment allows for multiple re-adjustments to the face, neck and shoulders with the application of tailored herbal remedies to assist in treating the more chronic and deep-seated conditions.

Duration: 120 minutes
Cost: AUD$550.00

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