Face De-Stress Massage Treatment

Daily facial stress is often responsible for swelling, bloating, tightened tense muscles and expression lines, which can all cause premature aging. DO NOT allow this to happen to your face!

No matter what skin type, our De-Stress Massage Treatment will restore skin vitality and circulation, not only improving the health of your skin, but also the way you look and feel. This healing massage gently relieves muscular tension and reduces facial congestion. The De-Stress massage technique will tone up face and neck muscles, defying nature’s most powerful force – gravity!

The treatment integrates Herbario's own powerful botanical skin care, crafted through the wisdom of traditional European herbal medicine and decades of clinic experience. The therapeutic botanical formulations designed for this treatment calm, heal, nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: AUD$185.00

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