Face Cleansing Treatment

When the skin is affected by; clogged open pores, irritation, sensitivity, uneven surface texture, dryness that no moisturiser can reverse, it means that the epidermis has lost the ability to eliminate toxic waste.. it's time for Herbario's Face Cleansing treatment!
Herbario's Face Cleansing Treatment is holistic in nature and is highly effective for achieving deep cleansing results.

The Face Cleansing Treatment will:

  • remove unwanted layers of cellular debris
  • eliminate surface tightness and persistent dryness
  • flush out environmental pollution and restore the damage it's caused
  • flush out ingrained cosmetic chemicals from clogged pores
  • Soothe irritability and reverse the discomfort of skin sensitivity.

The healing herbals used in the treatment will leave your skin revitalised, allowing it to regain its former glow. The Face Cleansing Treatment is designed to maximise the hygiene of the face - it's our first line approach for the prevention of dryness, dermal fatigue and premature ageing.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: AUD$215.00

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In order to maximise the therapeutic effectiveness of this treatment, the products used are made of nothing but premium quality organic herbs.